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A little about ourselves: We live in North Florida. We are members of Celebration Baptist Church, and are very happily involved in ministry there! Gorden works as a Systems Project Analyst, and Jacki was a Computer Programmer, but is now unable to work outside the home due to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Please take the time to read through the "MCS Information and Support Pages", which contain very important information about the health risks of using common, every-day products - which played a large part in Jacki getting sick. Learn to protect yourself and your family from getting similar illnesses. Jacki is now beginning to develop web sites as a hobby (as her health allows).

We have been Apple Macintosh users since 1985. We enjoy many different aspects of the computer, including the internet, games, etc. The main purpose for our Mac, however, is for music notation (transcription)!




Within our web pages, you will find the following sections. To go to the different sections, you may use the links below. To go to any page from any page on our site, you may use the pop-up menus at the top and bottom of each page. After you've looked around, please remember to sign our Guest Book!



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Our Story - how we first met and a little about our marriage

Dusty's Story - our Lhasa Apso who touched our lives in so many ways

Our Photo Album - including embedded sound files for your entertainment!

Our Music page - music by Jacki for your listening pleasure (NOW WITH STREAMING AUDIO FILES!)**

Our Little Store! - Download store, including mp3 music downloads, sheet music, and more!

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Contains Scriptures to help strengthen your faith, "What is Blind Trust in God?", "Trusting God with Complete Abandon", "Just Let GO!", "The TRUE Good News!", Jacki's testimony of conversion from Roman Catholicism to Biblical Christianity, Comfort for Those Who Mourn, Things that Dusty Taught Me, and more!

If you are not already a Christian, or are unsure of where you will go after you die, please click on "smoking" and "non-smoking" (below) to find out what happens to non-Christians and how you can make peace with the one true God and have the assurance, peace, and security that you will go to heaven the minute you die:


Non-smoking Eternity - smoking or non-smoking? Eternity - smoking or non-smoking?


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 Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Information and Support


Contains Jacki's story - from "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" diagnosis to MCS diagnosis and improvement at last! Also contains general MCS/EI information, guidelines for non-toxic living, the health risks of air fresheners (poisoners!), fabric softeners, and perfumes, information on detox baths, a resource page, and links to related sites.

Online Ordering for Books about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity!!




Includes Julia Kendall's "Twenty Most Common Chemicals...", and other information about the toxicity of fragrances. Great for helping to educate the public as to why so many people react negatively to fragrances!


** Countdown to Gorden's Retirement!! **



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