Article 12: Neighborhood Health Notice!
"Walk Around the Block" can Mean "Symptoms Around the Clock"

Kootenai Valley Times – October 13, 2000

– by Dr. Gloria Gilbere

Q: Have you been enjoying a walk in the neighborhood and found you have suddenly fallen without realizing why?

Q: Do you get a numb feeling in the side of your face, or tingling around your mouth and the doctors can't find the reason?

Q: Do you get a sudden onset of dizziness or a headache?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you could be experiencing symptoms of Central Nervous System Disorder from fabric softeners, clothes dryer exhaust and treated fabrics.

It has been discovered that fabric softeners are some of the most toxic products made for daily household use. They contain chemicals like chloroform, benzyl acetate, pentane and Alpha Terpineol, known to cause cancer and/or damage to lungs, brain, and nerves. These chemicals are even more dangerous when heated in clothes dryers. The toxic fumes go into neighborhood air and everyone for blocks around is forced to breathe them.

These chemicals especially affect infants, children, seniors and people who have allergies, respiratory disorders, and multiple chemical sensitivities. Damage can be permanent, causing lifelong illness. Infants often react with rashes, frequent crying and/or diarrhea. Disinfectants can have the same effects. Experts suggest a possible connection between Sudden Infant Death ("crib death") and the use of these products for washing baby clothes, crib sheets and blankets. As if fabric softeners aren't toxic enough, most have added fragrances, adding to their toxicity.

To soften fabrics and reduce static cling, add a cup of plain baking soda to each wash and half a cup to the rinse. To kill germs, a hot water wash and the high heat of the clothes dryer are safer than disinfectants. When possible, use the good old standby, hang things out in the sun, naturally.

Excerpts taken from research work by Julia Kendall.

This and subsequent articles are for the purpose of education and to provide support to the millions afflicted with allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity syndromes.

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