What Choice Will YOU Make?

I'm sure you've been asked this all-important question before: "Where will you spend eternity if you died tonight?" What would your answer be? Do you even know? Did you know that you can know?! It all comes down to a simple choice—whether or not you receive Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, as your personal Savior and Lord. If you've found yourself here at "Our Little Place," then maybe it wasn't by chance! Maybe this is YOUR time to have a personal encounter with the God of the Universe!

Don't put it off another day!!! The biggest lie of the devil is that you have "plenty of time" to make this decision! Read through the two choices in this section that we explain in clear detail using the Word of God and then decide for yourself! Though it is a very serious decision, we have worded the question in a light-hearted manner by asking…

Eternity… Smoking or Non-Smoking?!

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