A Spiritual Experience…

– by Jacki

Spiritual experiences can happen in the most unusual ways and at the most unusual times! I believe they are all around us—if we just keep our eyes and hearts open and look for them!

For example, one day several years ago as I was driving to work, I noticed a little bug on the window of my car. The force of the wind hitting against the car was so strong—the little bug was holding on for dear life! His little wings were being ravaged by the "fierce winds", and he thought he had to fight and hold on so as not to be destroyed.

Looking down at him, I could clearly see his solution: Just LET GO! If he'd only let go and quit struggling, he'd have instant freedom! But from HIS point of view, he just couldn't see that letting go was the answer for him. I kept thinking, "Just let go, just let go!" Finally, after a lot of struggling, the little bug was just too weak to hold on any longer, and he did let go! I was so happy he was going to be okay! It was just too bad he didn't let go sooner and save himself all that struggling.

This idea was so profound, it immediately struck a chord in my own life! When I'm going through the "storms" in my life, my usual tendency is to hold on and struggle, worry, manipulate, and try to fight my way out of the storm myself. Then when I'm weary and tired and can see no other solution, I'm forced to let go and let God work things out HIS way! I believe God looks at me while I'm struggling and beckons me to JUST LET GO so HE can work it out! Then, and only then, can I be free from the storm. Even though I can't see what lies ahead, God already knows what He has planned for my future and is holding me in the palm of His hand! I can, therefore, relax my control, trust that I'm being cared for, and live peacefully in the presence of infinite Love and Strength…

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  · 07-01-2016
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